Divella, an iconic Italian brand, is synonymous with Mediterranean culinary excellence. They produce a wide range of pasta, sauces, and bakery products, sharing the healthy and delectable essence of Mediterranean cuisine with the world. Our exclusive distribution of Divella extends to Patras and Thessalonikki in Greece, reaffirming our commitment to offering the finest in Mediterranean cuisine.

Budweiser Budvar

Brewing the finest Czech lager since 1895, Budweiser Budvar is renowned for its use of local ingredients and its dedication to the age-old traditions of brewing. The brewery’s ownership remains firmly in the hands of the Czech Republic’s people, assuring an authentic and exceptional beer experience.


Granarolo stands as a pillar of Italian milk supply chains, supported by a cooperative of over 600 farmers and 14 production facilities throughout Italy. Globally chosen by millions of consumers, Granarolo is celebrated as a leading dairy food and beverage brand in Italy.

Corte Buona

Part of the Cremonini Group, a global giant in the food industry, Corte Buona was born in the early ‘90s. This brand exemplifies the highest standards in Italian cuisine and enjoys recognition both locally and worldwide.